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    As of December 1997, the current and former members of the XML WG are: Jon Bosak, Sun (Chair James Clark (Technical Lead Tim Bray, Textuality and Netscape (XML Co-editor Jean Paoli, Microsoft (XML Co-editor C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, U. of Ill. (XML Co-editor Dan Connolly, W3C; Steve DeRose, INSO ; Dave Hollander, HP; Eliot Kimber, Highland; Eve Maler, ArborText; Tom Magliery, NCSA ; Murray Maloney, Muzmo and Grif; Makoto Murata, Fuji Xerox Information Systems; Joel Nava, Adobe; Peter Sharpe, SoftQuad; John Tigue, DataChannel. Historically: The W3C SGML Editorial Review Board, as.

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